Mikael LaRoche’s Uneek Greek Reaches Over 10,000 Clients

Mikael LaRoche
Founder: UneekGreek

An idea birthed out of the talents of two designers, Uneek Greek provides hundreds of captivating handmade wooden heirlooms for members and non-members of BGLO’s (Black Greek Letter Organizations) and Non Traditional Greek Letter organizations across the world. The company was started on March of 2014 and has organically grown a following of 10,000 plus Greek’s and clients. Mikael LaRoche, born in Trinidad and Tobago and one of the initial founding members of Suited Lifestyle currently runs Uneek Greek from his back patio and living room in Upper Marlboro Maryland, taking orders online and carefully hand crafting each paddle to the delicate details of every customer’s requests. “There is nothing more satisfying than creating a UNEEK piece that fulfills all of the expectations and ideas of a customer,” says an excited LaRoache. “Each piece is one of a kind, tailored-made to suit the need of the individual.”

From Minnie Mouse, to Beetle Juice, From Alpha Phi Alpha to Omega Psi Phi, NOTHING escapes the imagination of Uneek Greek. The design potential is endless.

Mikael aka Mr. LaRoche, also balances his time with Uneek Greek, by creating websites, logos, marketing plans and business plans via his personal website www.mrlaroche.com. The multifaceted man you see has more to offer than most would anticipate. Look out for more of his work on any of the two websites; he is a Renaissance Man, an IMHOTEP in our current time and space.

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