Guild of pioneers,
setting the standard for young professionals world-wide.

Founded by Luke Anthony Lawal Jr. & James Trey Poindexter III on April 19th 2012, Suited Lifestyle is a guild of pioneers, designed to set the standard for young professionals world-wide. It’s the mission of the SL Group to create an extensive network of young professional leaders. With a commitment to fellowship, philanthropy, and peer-to-peer engagement through social and cultural events, Suited Lifestyle members are setting the standard for young professional world wide.

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Network with our diverse members to follow the Suited Lifestyle standard to help our communities worldwide.

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Suited Lifestyle is to create an extensive network of young professional leaders.

Vision: Suited Lifestyle seeks to serves as a beacon of leadership for young professionals worldwide, utilizing our diverse members to create a new standard by which our communities benefit from.

The Principles


Through fellowship, our goal is to bring together diverse professionals in a unique network through membership. Creating connectivity for working professionals in different career fields, will expand each member’s network to achieve their individual goal.


Suited Lifestyle provides exceptional service-oriented programs & campaigns that culturally target urban millennials and youth around the globe. Through our philanthropic efforts, we gain connections to our society and represent the urban audience in a positive light by directly helping those in need. Under Suited Cares, we will garner philanthropic stronghold for service and advocacy worldwide.

Social Club

The Suited Lifestyle Group promotes peer to peer engagement through social, political and philanthropic events for likeminded millennials. Each event has a common goal of connecting individuals to extend their network in new business fields and other endeavors.

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Professionals Who Make
the Best Work

Suited Lifestyle’s leadership positions the organization to achieve its goals, establish an extensive and fluid network in its chartering cities.

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April 2012 – Current
Founding Date

2014 – Current
Houston, TX / Founding

2017 – Current
New, York / Founding

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